Optical Illusions

The below optical illusions are items that I created. See these and more on Optical illusions Etc... and Optical illusions 4 Kids.
Warning: This page contains some works of "anomalous motion illusion", which might make sensitive observers dizzy or sick. Should you feel dizzy, leave this page immediately.
Water Color Optical Illusion

The illusion presented here is very interesting. Looking at the below squares the center appears white while the outer area appears to be painted with a slight water color hue. In fact the outer area is white the same as the center. Learn more...

watercolor optical illusion
Tic-Tac-Toe Board
(c)Walter Anthony
Created from samples
provided by Akiyoshi Kitaoka

Ponzo Optical Illusion

Here is my example of the Ponzo illusion. Simply stated the two red lines are exact duplicates of each other in length and width. Learn more...

Ponzo Illusion
(c) 2006 Walter Anthony

Anomalous Motion Optical Illusion

The below illusion is not animated in any way, shape, or fashion. It is caused by peripheral drift. Learn more...

purple nurple optical illusion
The Purple Nurple
Walter Anthony

Color Fade to Gray Optical Illusion

Stare at the black dot in the center from around 12 inches out. After around 30-45 seconds the colors should fade and all you'll see is shades of gray. Learn more...
fade to gray optical illusion
Color Fade to Gray
Walter Anthony

After Image Optical Illusion (painting with your eyes)

The next two optical illusions are simple after image illusions but presented in a new way.

The nature of this optical illusion is to paint a gray scale image using only your eyes.

The two illusions are composed of two images. The first is a negative image and the second is a gray scale image. Stare at one spot in the center of the negative photograph for 30 to 45 seconds. Then after the time is up slide your mouse over the photograph. The image flips to the gray scale and if you hold your focus the image will seem to be a full color photograph (not gray). Learn more...

The longer you look at it the more pronounced the effect.

South Pole Optical Illusion
(c) 2006
Walter Anthony
Photographer: Commander John Bortniak, NOAA Corps

I created the below illusion as part of a "how to create your own optical illusion" post. As a matter of fact I created this primer on how to create this illusion before any of the similar illusions popped up on the web. Want to make your own click to learn more.

The same instructions apply to this image.

(c) 2006 Walter Anthony

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